Boudoir Photos

Getting married? Anniversary coming up? Or do you just want to take some sultry photos because you’re gorgeous?


I have compiled a short checklist of what to look for when picking a professional to capture these intimate shots.

1. Be Picky: Find someone local with lots of reviews and a personal website. Don’t just book the first person you find. Take the time to do your research, scour the best deals and above all, make sure you actually like the pictures in the photographer’s portfolio.


2. Pricing: The price range for boudoir photos varies depending on where you live, the number of photographers in the area and what you’re comfortable with paying. I’ve seen “Groupon Deals” for $50, but when you read the fine print that doesn’t always include your “sitting fee”, prints, retouching, etc. Decide on your budget and try to get the most bang (pun-intended) for your buck.


3. Style: Some photographers do more soft light, sensual shoots while others are pretty hardcore and graphic. I’m not here to judge one way or the other, but just make sure that whatever you choose, you will be 100% comfortable with because if you’re uncomfortable, it will definitely show through your photos.


4. Be Suggestive: Make a Pinterest board with posing ideas, camera angles, costume changes and background settings that you like. This was something that my boudoir photographer, Aimee, suggested and I absolutely LOVE her for it. During our shoot she’d pull up photos that I had pinned so we could try and recreate them.


5. Perks: See if your photographer includes digital copies of your pictures with the photo session. My photographer not only included a CD with the photos, but also a photo book that I gave to my husband as a secret gift on our wedding day. It is the perfect present for your significant other…and my hubby always takes it with him on business trips.


Photo Credit: Aimee Rossi, Visit Her Website Here

10 Signs You’re With A Guy in the Tech Startup World

1. You know about new apps before they are even released. (Meerkat, anyone?!)

2. At Tech conferences, you’re the only woman for miles. (This is only place in the world where there’s no line for the women’s restroom, but a huge one for men’s.)

3. You no longer fight about him bringing a laptop/phone/iPad to bed. (“Just adjust the screen brightness, sweetie.”)

4. You’ve learned an entirely new language. (widget, Bitcoin, incubators, excelerators and platforms-no not the shoe kind.)

5. You’ve moved across the country to the Mecca of startups in Technology. (AKA: San Francisco)

6. You know what Test Flight is and you have to download every version of the app before it’s available in the App Store.

7. Apple wins. Every. Damn. Time.

8. A 3AM bedtime is considered early for your partner. What is sleep?

9. The amount of caffeine consumed in one day is frightening. (Redbull sponsorship, please?)

10. An IPO is the ultimate goal. (And then we start the process all over again.)