An Homage To Emily Post


Emily Post is heralded as the queen of etiquette because she was the first to publish a book, Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage, with all the rules that women (and men) should live by to ensure that he/she was acceptable in society in 1922. She gives detailed instructions on everyday tasks, such as how to correctly write a letter, how to take off long gloves and how to set a table. Nowadays, you may scoff at these “hoidy toidy” rules, but she was the first to put pen to paper and actually set in stone what was then, largely unspoken rules of engagement. With her book, anyone who could read had the potential to become a gentleman or lady even if they had not grown up with careful instruction.

Emily Post
Emily Post

Today, people mostly use her “Etiquette” when addressing envelopes and writing formal wedding invitations. Her daughters and granddaughters have published updated versions of her books, have an incredible online (and printed) presence and created the Emily Post Institute, to keep up with the times, of course. I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with these gems because a little etiquette can’t hurt, right?

18th Edition of Etiquette
18th Edition of Etiquette


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