10 Signs You’re With A Guy in the Tech Startup World

1. You know about new apps before they are even released. (Meerkat, anyone?!)

2. At Tech conferences, you’re the only woman for miles. (This is only place in the world where there’s no line for the women’s restroom, but a huge one for men’s.)

3. You no longer fight about him bringing a laptop/phone/iPad to bed. (“Just adjust the screen brightness, sweetie.”)

4. You’ve learned an entirely new language. (widget, Bitcoin, incubators, excelerators and platforms-no not the shoe kind.)

5. You’ve moved across the country to the Mecca of startups in Technology. (AKA: San Francisco)

6. You know what Test Flight is and you have to download every version of the app before it’s available in the App Store.

7. Apple wins. Every. Damn. Time.

8. A 3AM bedtime is considered early for your partner. What is sleep?

9. The amount of caffeine consumed in one day is frightening. (Redbull sponsorship, please?)

10. An IPO is the ultimate goal. (And then we start the process all over again.)


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